How Carbon Offsets Work

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A carbon offset represents a reduction in emissions somewhere else - like a renewable energy or a reforestation project - to balance out the emissions you cannot reduce. Also, carbon offsets are the only way to get your carbon footprint to zero today.

How does it work? This is how it all works:

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1. Offset your Carbon Emissions.

Become carbon neutral
A carbon offset represents a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) somewhere else, like a renewable energy or reforestation project, to balance out the emissions you cannot reduce. By becoming carbon neutral today you are supporting clean technology and reduction projects that drive investment and innovation, and hasten our market transformation to a low carbon future.

2. Offsets Your Carbon Emissions.

Your donations support projects that reduce carbon emissions supports domestic and international renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. All of our projects meet the highest standards and are third-party validated to ensure that your donation makes a positive impact.

We retire offsets in your behalf
When you make a donation, we retire offsets from our projects. When we purchase carbon offsets or support a carbon reduction project we gain the right to the emission reductions. Many groups buy these rights and then use them to pollute or sell them. We buy the carbon reductions and retire them, meaning that they are taken out of circulation forever. Simply put, we retire carbon by not using it.

That's It!

Yes, it is that simple. There are lots of nuts and bolts in the background, but that is why we started  to make it simple and affordable for individuals and organizations to have an impact on their carbon footprint and climate change now. As in soon. Today. So our children have a healthy world to live in. (You get the idea)

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How Carbon Offsets Work

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This article was published on 2010/09/16